Please click here to download the application form for the course of “Ebru” Art
In order to introduce “Ebru” art, a tradional Turkish arts, to the participants of IFCC WorldLab Istanbul 2014, a short course will be organized during the congress.

The participants of the course will benefit from the teaching of a qualified “ebru” artist and will have the opportunity to make their own “ebru”s which they can keep afterwards.

The course will take place in Tophane Hall in the congress venue, on two alternative days; Monday, June 23, and Tuesday, June 24, between 13:00-17:00 on both days. The participants are free to choose the date that is more suitable for their personal programme.

The course will be organized with at least 8 (or multiples of 8) participants, and the application fee is 40.-EUR per participant. In the case that the course will be cancelled by the organizers because of the lack of participation, the payment of the attendants will be fully refunded.

Participants of the congress who would like to attend the “ebru” course should fill in the application form and return it to Kenes Turkey office. The application form can be downloaded by clicking the above and below widgets.

Ebru Art
Marbling (Ebru Art) is a traditional Turkish art, which is approximately 800 years old. Ebru offers a magical world you discover as you practise or watch it. If you look close enough, you’ll see that the patterns in ebru resemble the forms in nature such as the clouds, the waves of the sea, interior of a tree, sandy deserts, the spirals of the galaxies etc. This is the reason why ebru is regarded as a meditative art form with a profound philosophy behind it. Ebru follows its own course on the water while the shapes move free from the artist’s will. The water and the earth create the universe and the patterns of ebru offer only the natural shapes to us as they exist in the world. The main materials of ebru are the water and the earth.

In the events we give two kinds of presentations. First we explain the materials we use in Turkish Ebru, summarry of its history and the basic rules and techniques. Then we invite our participants to make their own ebrus and take them away after they dry.

Artist; Mr. Kubilay Eralp Dinçer
He was born in 1975 in Istanbul. He studied Biology at university, then he discovered ebru. The patterns he saw in ebru reminded him of the cells in the plants and the human body, which aroused his deep interest in this art form. He decided to teach himself ebru systematically like a scientist with the help of his academic biology background. He has committed all his life to practising and teaching ebru since 2004. He has taught hundreds of students of ebru in different parts of Turkey. He has had more than 10 exhibitions in Turkey and different countries which he displayed his own and his students’ works. He has taken part in some international and local congress and constantly been reading up on Turkish and international resources on this subject. Also he has received an offical card from The Ministry of Culture and Tourism that certifies that he is an ebru artist. Please click here to download the application form for the course of “Ebru” Art

Please click here to download the application form for the course of “Ebru” Art